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A Sukumar – Devi Shree Prasad audio is always the most anticipated one among all the music lovers. They have given such wonderful and memorable music in the past. Lets see if the combination has lived upto its reputation.

The album begins with the silken voice of Adnan Sami singing “Infatuation”. The tune and the entire song oozes with a freshness that’s been absent from a DSP album for quite some time. The song could have been a bit more clearer though as the pronunciation of Adnan Sami is a bit difficult to follow. Overall a superb start to the album.

Harini makes it to a DSP album after some time and is a refreshing change from the usual troupe of singers. Coming to song “Thiru Thiru Gananadha” it appears to be a fun number lyrically but musically its presented as a classical number. Good to hear once but doesn’t entice repeat hearings.

“Aho Balu” follows next song by Ranjith and Sri Charan. This is a number again which is a riot lyrically but musically once again becomes tiresome after few hearings. The song is good in parts but on the whole fails.

‘A Square B Square” continues the trend of amusing lyrics. The music is fine though nothing spectacular. This song comes in two versions with female version sung by Swathi and she does well in the short almost an extended bit song.

in “Dhooram Dhooram” which follows next we see the return of Tippu after a very long time( well that’s what we think) in a DSP album, and boy does he deliver. He delivers the finest song of the album both musically and lyrically. A song that would remain good irrespective of the placement of the song and its picturization in the film. In short a song that would still be played irrespective of the fate of the film.

“That Is Mahlakshmi” sees DSP try a new genre and succeed in it. This rock based song gains a lot due to the spirited rendition by the singer Richard. The lyrics again continue to be engaging in funny sort of way. The final interlude of the song with Indian ethnic sounds is wonderfully done.

“Diyalo Diyala” was the most awaited song of the album even before the audio had released courtesy the hype surrounding it. Does it live up-to the hype, Yes and No is our verdict as things stand today. A big thumbs up lyrically but a downer as far as the music go. Lyrics is what makes us press the repeat button again. Well we guess in the end its all that matter. Musically it definitely falls sort of the previous ‘item’ numbers in their combinations.

so with that we have come to the end of album. Now how does it fare as a standalone album without any comparisons? It is fairly good album with few good numbers and great song. The music couldn’t match the fun of the lyrics, that is not to say its wasn’t good but it could have been much more. Now when it comes in comparison with Sukumar – DSP’s previous combinations, one has to say it falls short of the previous efforts by some margin. But we have to keep in mind the stakes to begin with are so high that even a good album fails to reach or meet the expected levels. Overall a good album which sounds fresh lyrically.

Rating: 3.25/5

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