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Music Impression: Keratam

Album: Keratam
Composer: Joshua Shreedhar
Lyrics: Rehaman

Tracks – 7
Repeats – Sadhyamena, vayase nidura, nidure chedire
Skips – Hey oka merupai, sometimes nelapaina

On the fence – fashion show, nee navvula
Chart-busters – none

Positives – Melody, if one is willing to give it a chance.

Negatives – The sound and arrangements in some songs feel outdated and looks to be from the time of Vasu, another negative is the music director’s own album Sega which is superior to this album in sound, melody and arrangements which is still fresh on listeners minds.

Verdict – Two decent melodies and rest largely inconsistent with some good interludes in between but with a dated feel to them.
Rating – 2.75/5

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