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Ganesh (hero) is a flirt who doesn’t value or take anything serious in his life although he is super intelligent and brilliant at studies and all. He treats women as dolls that needs to be enjoyed and hence the title Weekend Love. Sandhya ( heroine) is his next target but how she not only escapes weekend love and brings about real emotions in Ganesh is what the film is all about.

Bith hero and heroine look very good together. Although one can feel little apprehension initially by the time the story moves into important segment one can feel a certain chemistry between them which makes the audience connect as well. Hero is clearly better among them though. He is confident and it shows in whatever he does.

Among the rest Srihari is present just for few scenes but one can feel the pain of his character just through his expressions. MS Narayana and Srinivas Reddy track is alright. Prabhas Sreenu is given a nice character for a change and he too is alright in it. Others are not given enough to make any real impression but Rao Ramesh in just one scene gives the films best performance.

Second half
Emotional scenes
Production Values


Basic plot which is thin and predictable
Beginning of the film


The mandatory line at the beginning of most of the analysis we write. The basic storyline of the film is pretty thin and a lot depends on how the screenplay of the film is. This is where the film scores than many other films with its straight to point and no nonsense approach. The first half is basically about entertainment with most of the scenes designed in such way. They are good scene wise but surely could have been executed well.

It is in the second half where all the meat lies. The makers slowly take the story to its conclusion in a planned manner with the right emotions and right execution. The birthday sequence followed by the scenes involving Prabhas Sreenu and the realization of hero etc have come out well. And with right song at right time the emotions also comes out well. The climax with a little surprise is well done too. Overall second half lifts the film.


Music and background score by Sekhar Chandra is good as expected. The placement of the songs heightens the impact further. Cinematography is good and editing is fine as well. Production values are grand considering its a small budget film with unknown leads. Kudos to the producer believing in the talent.

Bottom-line: Good Time Pass For Weekend
Rating: N/A

[PS: As we are the media partners for the film, we are not giving a rating. Read the review and enjoy the film.]

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