Vishal’s Detective Movie Review


What’s Good: Story, casting, and performances.

What’s Bad: The director’s overindulgence and length.

Popcorn Break: If you have popcorn you will miss the flow of the film, but don’t worry the director stretched few blocks so much that it gives you enough time to have popcorn and not miss a beat of the plot

Watch or Not: Watch it, it’s a new space for entertainment

Trade Talk: The openings are poor, lower than the usual Vishal films, but better talk should be able to sustain it for a week or two


While Mysskin’s unique directorial style helps in giving a fresh perspective on a subject, his overindulgence can be a dampener. Also, with a film and genre like that of Detective, the director seems to want to say so much, but since he has a limited time, so much content is packed within the time frame. It clogs the narrative, and the interest is lost after a point.

The first half of detective is beautiful with all the introductions and smart setup of the second act. But, the interest is lost in the second half among so many unnecessary interjections. The climax feels like it from a whole new movie, even though it is well-done. Overall, Detective is a modest one time watch, but it could have had more appeal had the director kept it sharp and to the point.

The Last Word: The writing the detective world is fascinating. It is not often we get to see films in this genre. That also should be worth a visit.

Rating: 3/5

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