Vikramasimha Review – Techno Disaster!


Vikrama Simha is an epic tale involving two kingdoms and their kings and their egos. What happens when a king is unable to bear the growing reputation of his most trusted lieutenant right before his eyes. What extent a son would go to fulfill the promise of his father? Are some of the arcs that the story contains which in short is a classic folk tale involving kings.

Since the films is completely based on the motion capture technology let’s look at how the performances and expressions have been captured using the technology.

The first and the biggest bummer that comes our way before we talk about expressions and performance is that barring Rajinikanth and to some extend Jackie Shroff none of the actors animated avatars have anything in common with the real actors. And this is the biggest undoing of the film and a major put off.

The bottom line is nothing really can be written about poor animated avatars.


AR Rahman Music and BGM

Too many songs
Very few exciting moments
Abruptly ended feeling in the end


Debutant Soundarya Rajinikanth’s ambition and efforts are appreciable but the final product doesn’t justify the hype or the budget its been said to be made at. The visual effects are poor consistently. The fact that only couple of faces are actually recognizable tells us all that has gone wrong with the film.

Leaving the technicalities aside the story had the potential for good engaging drama. But the faulty screenplay is again a let down. The first half is especially pretty flat narratively with nothing exciting or engaging happening. The second half is better in comparison as its where all the meat lies. However even here the film slips into boring territory quite often especially due to songs which could have been completely avoided. Finally the way the film ends makes the film ultimately an unsatisfying watch.

Music by Rahman is the lifeline of the film. Although few songs are unnecessary (Hrudayam song for example), the versatility of the music director is at full display here. The background effects are neat. Editing is poor.

Bottom line:Techno Disaster
Rating: 2/5

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