Master Review – Ordinary Mass Movie With Extraordinary Patience Testing Runtime


Vijay Master Movie Review


Finally, after almost a year, Master is here. What is the story?

First of all, you need to remove that extended gap in mind, which creates needless expectations.

Now getting to the story, it is about a professor JD who overcomes his issues. How he turns saviour for juvenile kids who are used for illegal activities and crimes by a goon Bhavani is the basic plot?

What! It sounds so routine, is that it?

It is a routine story, but that shouldn’t be an issue considering the big star movies are usually weaker on the story front.

It is the screenplay and engaging narrative, and some added attractions that make the difference.

Does Master have them? Is The Direction By Lokesh Kanagaraj good?

Yes, Master indeed has them. The presence of Vijay Sethupathi is that X-factor. Remove him and what you have is an ordinary trite. With him as the villain, the whole thing is elevated.

Lokesh Kanagaraj’s brilliance lies in his unique characters based on the two movies he has done so far. In Maanagaram you had Munishkanth whereas in Khaithi (Khaidi in Telugu) it was George Maryan.

The film’s story-wise offers nothing new, but the characters, crisp screenplay, and gripping narrative made them engaging.

In Master, Lokesh Kanagaraj fails in all the above aspects, which made him unique in the first place. In short, his mark is missing. We see a glimpse of that in the villain character and track.

But, when it comes to the star, Vijay, there is a conflict of emotions, which is visible in the making. The whole introduction block and characterisation of the star make it amply clear.

Lokesh Kanagaraj wants to fit in Vijay stardom and his mark and what we get is uneven narrative. It is neither here nor there variety that only leads to dissatisfaction and increase of length.

This usually is a problem in handling star hero for any director. Not everyone is equipped to do it perfectly.

Purely as a routine mass film, the sequences leading to the interval and interval works well. It is because the focus is coherent here as both worlds of protagonist and antagonist are coming together.

The directors’ sensibilities are at best here. Here there is a build-up to the collision of both worlds.

The problem again starts in the second half when the star is all alone. Lokesh Kanagaraj again looks lost. Engaging the narrative solely on style and swag is not enough.

Some action scenes in the second half are nice. But, overall due to the length, drag and lack of freshness, the impact is missing. The good parts arrive amidst a lot of boredom.

You make it sound terrible?

No, it is not that terrible, it is just disappointing keeping the director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s past films in mind. As a mass fare, it is routine but passable, if not for the excessive length.

Vijay Master Movie Review – Highlights


What Are the highlights?

Vijay Sethupathi is the mainstay of the movie. Right from the opening, we sense a depth in his character. His screen time is less (considering the overall length), but his presence is always felt.

The music and background score of Anirudh is fantastic. The latter especially is phenomenal in a few places. It elevates the whole proceedings. He has given more than a hundred per cent to the project and deserves all the accolades coming his way.

And last but not least, Vijay is the star of the show. He does his usual stuff, and they work out. A few parts do go overboard, which are done for entertainment sake. Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about.

And what are the negatives?

The length, it is something that will make anyone uncomfortable, including the fans. For the story and content at hand, three hours is way too much.

The story lacks novelty and is routine. The freshness is brought via casting and not by offering anything new or exciting.

The fans stuff is fine, but it needs to be done appropriately. One should not lose track of the overall story, however thin or routine it might be.

The dubbing of Vijay is a let-down. It doesn’t evoke the feeling of a star as we have associated it previously with different faces, especially those who are not ‘stars’.

Anything else to add?

The production values are grand. Technically the film is a superior product with lovely cinematography and slick editing.

The choreography is a disappointment, especially with the popular Master Coming song.

The hero and heroine track could have been way better with a little bit of work and editing. It could have helped avoid the lag in the first half.

The Final Conclusion:

Master is a well-made, but ultimately a routine and dragging mass fare. The fans stuff is fine up to a point, and Vijay Sethupathi adds novelty, but the narrative runs out of gas faster than expected. The length makes it a tiresome watch.

Vijay Master Movie Rating

Bottom-line: Ordinary Mass Movie With Extraordinary Patience Testing Runtime
Rating: 2.25/5

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