Veerudokkade Movie Review : A Film For The Masses




Veerendra (Ajith) takes care of his four brothers from a very early age without caring about himself. The brothers realize this late in the day and plan to get him married and find out a suitable girl Gomati Devi (Tamannah). What are the problems faced by Veerendra to marry the girl and how he overcomes it is told in a typical entertaining way in the film.


Ajith as expected is the mainstay of the film. He carries the film solely on his shoulders from the beginning to the end. The change in his get up from the regular suits to the local costumes without guns etc helps a lot too.

Tamannah is back to playing the typical heroine role in pucca commercial venture that offers her very little to act. She does what is required of her to do that is be part of the comedy, songs and sequences where the hero has to be elevated.

Nasser and Atul Kulkarni play vital roles in the film but nothing exceptional from them performance wise. It’s the same with Pradeep Rawat as well. They have all been there done that many times before.

Santhanam and the four guys playing the roles of brothers provide comic relief in the first half of the film. The importance of Santhanam is known in the second half when the comedy reins are given to another actor who overacts to the hilt.



Action sequences

Predictable but engaging family drama


Predictable and this storyline

Music by DSP


For director Siva this seems to be a bread and butter film, perfected over time. It is a typical Telugu commercial film with all the regular elements ticked off. As is usual with these commercial films the storyline is predictable and thin and the entire narration depends on the comedy and action. It is when these two elements are pulled off in right proportions that these films click. In Veerudokkade that is exactly what happens.

The comedy and action elements keep moving the story forward at a steady pace and the intermittent sentiment scenes gives the film a wholesome family affair that has a heart. Siva has struck the balance well and that is where the film’s biggest strength lies and is the reason the film works primarily. The first half of the film is more or less a comedy with little bit action, where as the second half is an all out action movie with comedy in between. Action movie lovers might find the second half better where as others could find the first half to be better, it all depends on what one enjoys better.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is poor considering the big film it is. He makes it up with the back ground score but even this isn’t any close to his top work for sure. Cinematography is good. Editing is fine.

Bottom-line: A film for the masses

Rating: 2.75/5


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