Nuvvala Nenila Movie Review – A Love Story For Modern Times




Krishna Mohan (Varun Sandesh) comes to India to fulfill the last wish of his father. He meets a girl Mahi ( Poorna) who works in his office. He gets to know her problem and tries to help her without realizing that he is falling for her. What happens to his father’s wish and did he get the girl in the end is the overall story of the film.


Varun Sandesh is given a character that suits his real life personality. Which means he could speak with his own accented Telugu. Since he suits the character the performance comes across as very natural.

Poorna gets a role that any heroine would die for. What this means is she gets a role that is equal in length to that of hero’s and also has importance attached to it. And she excelled in the character given to her.

The rest of the characters in the film have nothing to do as the entire film revolves around these two characters.


Background score
Hero heroine conflict
Pre climax


Dhanraj comedy track


Director Trinadh Rao Nakkina had a decent story in hand. The screenplay is not upto the mark in the first half of the film. In the second half things get better as we move seriously into the story.

The idea between the love that Mahi expects and the love that Gopi provides is nice and relatable one to youth. It was properly handled. But the love journey between Mahi and Krishna isn’t developed with such conviction. Had this conflict been handled better Nuvvala Nenila would have been a much better film that what it is in the current form.

Music by Sai Karthik is excellent and gels well with the movie. The song Manase Manasuni Patti that comes during the pre climax is very good. The background score is also very good. Cinematography is fabulous. Editing should have been better though. Dialogues are alright with some lines working well.


Bottom-line: A Love Story For Modern Times
Rating: 3.5/5

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