Uyyala Jampala Movie Review



Suri (Raj Tarun) and Uma Devi (Avika Gor) have a love hate relationship since childhood as they are bava-maradallu. In order to teach a lesson to Uma Devi, Suri starts hitting on her friend Sunitha (Punarnavi Bhoopalam) which irks Uma Devi and she takes a foolish step to counter that. This step eventually leads her to realization that she loves Suri and how in the end Suri realizes the love is the overall storyline of the film.


Everyone in the films is cast perfectly and look part of the village set up chosen for the film. From the rash but good at heart hero Suri played effectively by Raj Tarun to the sweet innocent girl Uma Devi (Avika Gor) who falls for simple teddy bear gifts, they have been cast well.

Raj Tarun has a good diction which adds to the authenticity of the character and it is this authenticity that holds us throughout the film rather than the performance per se. Avika Gor goes a bit over the top with her performance which is fine for this genre as we have seen in the past few go almost to retarded levels on such roles.

But the real highlights of the film are the supporting cast which includes effective performance by Ravi Varma playing the one time loving and one time hating father as one would be in real life. Matching him in terms of realistic stakes is Punarnavi Bhoopalam as Sunitha. One couldn’t help but go ‘aww’ for her role and her performance in it. Anita fits the bill perfectly as the mother and so are the rest of cast that includes grand parents and friends of hero.

Village set up
Emotional connect
Background score


Predictable storyline
Some artificial looking scenes


Virinchi Varma makes a good debut as director with the film. His real success with Uyyala Jamapala is that he makes people connect to the characters. Two things, good performance and perfect set up, allow these connect to happen and the director has to get credit for this.

The whole sequence when Suri goes to house of would be mother-in-law of Uma Devi, to end the marriage is so predictable on paper but the way it is executed, the writing and the direction, makes it an absolute treat to watch on screen. Similarly post the cancellation of the marriage the outburst of the father on Suri is so rooted in reality that we never get the feeling of fakeness or fake emotions on display. It is this terrific writing and connect trough out that makes us like the film and leaves us with a smile in the end.

Music plays a big role in the long run for films of these kinds and to get more emotional connect. Unfortunately the music although fine to listen to lacks the penetrative quality. Background score however makes up for it but still with better songs the overall impact could have been much more. Cinematography and editing is good.

Bottom-line: little film with great heart
Rating: 3.25/5



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