UTurn Movie Review

Kannada super hit movie U-Turn now remade in Telugu and Tamil languages with original director Pawan Kumar. Samantha played the lead role supported by Aadhi Pinisetty and Rahul Ravindran. UTurn released today on a grand scale. Let’s get into the review.
UTurn Movie Review
UTurn Movie Review


The plot shouldn’t be revealed much, as that would be a major spoiler. To put it shortly, the movie revolves around an accident that happened on a flyover and how this accident gets linked to Rachana (Samantha).



Samantha is fantastic. She did top-class performance expressing every emotion flawlessly. There are various shades to her role, and each one is neatly showcased and highlighted in her performance.


Aadhi Pinisetty is too good as a Police officer, and Rahul Ravindran did his job commandingly. Bhumika appeared in a few scenes but her role is the crucial point in the movie, and she was delightful.


Technical Departments:

Pawan Kumar who is now well versed with the universe of U-Turn makes a true to original faithful adaptation rather than an inspiring remake. It is a scene to scene rework, but the magic and tension of the original are never lost.


The movie stars slowly but soon gets momentum with the beginning of the police procedural scenes. There is no stopping from that point onwards. The first half is over even before we realize it.


There are some hiccups in the second half with the way the suspense is unfolded. We, as an audience can guess what is going to happen at a few moments. The good thing is the direction which is strong, holds everything together. Once the actual suspense is revealed, the movie could have easily lost momentum and derailed. The director maintains a grip here as well which is why there is positivity at the end.


Technically nothing went wrong in this movie. Background music is engaging, and photography by Niketh Bommi is absolutely brilliant. The writing is also perfect for the setup.





1st Half





The way thrilling effect revealed





U-Turn has a solid cast and enough thrills to keep the audience engaged one time for sure.


Rating: 3/5


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