Teja's Veyyi Abadhalu Movie Review


The story of 1000 Abadhalu is centered on two Sathya’s (Sairam Shankar and Esther). Hero falls in love with heroine without knowing that she has got engaged. He lies, lies and finally manages to win her creating favorable circumstances using those lies. But his world comes crashing later because of those very lies. What happens because of that lies and how in the end hero wins the heroine forms the basic storyline of the film.

Director Teja’s films in general have good performances from his cast and this one is no different. Every actor gets a moment to shine even if the subject doesn’t require them to give an award winning performance.

Sairam Shankar gets a good role and he is fine within his limits as long as he isn’t tested with his dramatic acting skills like the climax, where his weakness is pretty obvious. Heroine Esther can be proud of the fact that she hasn’t made a debut where she is mere glamor doll in the movie.

However once we leave out the main lead that is where the real fun of the film lies. A set of comedians playing friends of hero, have delivered a commendable performance and keep the proceedings alive with this spontaneous comic acts.

Veteran in comparison to those young lots, actor Naga Babu too joins the fun with his character Tower Star, which has some of the most hilarious lines and punches in the film. The actor too plays the character with remarkable ease. Hema goes over the top playing an egoist while Naresh only makes his presence felt for a scene.


Few one liners

Unnecessary subplot
Muddled screenplay

Director Teja has come up with an interesting subject once again that one could easily identify with. Telling lies or being part of it and subsequently getting affected by it. An out and out entertainer is planned using the above said premise and characters too are created keeping that in mind.

But how long does one keep audience engaged using that premise and characters? Things work for a time but soon lose momentum and appear monotonous. The director therefore tries to expand the material and brings some seriousness into it and also adds another subplot. The liking of the film or lack of it hence can be judged purely based on how one accepts this attempt to extend the film. We had a mixed response while we didn’t mind the seriousness, the political subplot didn’t work for us.

In the end 1000 Abadhalu is littered with funny moments through out, till the end. Some are truly hilarious and some appear pretty flat and predictable and are repetitive. In either case the movie flows in a smooth manner without much of a drag. The uneven tone of the screenplay hurts the overall film though.

Music by Ramana Gogula is fine and songs look good on the big screen. Background score is fine too.

Cinematography by Rasool Ellore is superb. It makes this small film look rich on par with some biggies.

Bottom-line: Seriously Told Lies
Rating: 3/5


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