Suriya's Singham 2 Movie Review


Narasimham (Suriya) is on a new mission that involves drug peddling. Pretty soon he finds the root cause and source for the drug peddling and tries to capture him. But he is met with a string resistance from the system which forces him to make a team and start an operation. What is this operation and what is its main objective is the basic storyline of the film.

There are a number of individual threads to this main story like the father-son relationship, relationship between the lead pair, a one side love affair and so on. All these threads too are dealt with a conclusion in the film.

Suriya is once again in fine form and carries the film single handedly only on his shoulders. He lives the character of Narasimham and livens up the proceedings with his performance despite it’s over the top nature.

Interestingly it’s not the heroines but two villains who have given better performance and have more presence than them. Both Rahman and Mukesh Rushi get central parts in this masala action film and they both play the characters well like they have done many times before.

Anushka and Hansika are present in the film to give the emotional anchor sort of thing to the main proceedings. But since there characters are limited and what ever is present done in a rushed manner, neither their act nor their presence adds to the film in a positive way other than acting as speed breakers.

Santhanam and Vivek are funny only in few scenes but even they are used such that it only adds to the overall length.

Danny Sapani the African villain is given a good introduction and one expects something big from him. But all the expectations fizzles out in the end.

His scenes as a cop despite over the top acting

Lack of strong villain
Predictable storyline

Director Hari known for his fast paced commercial cinema is back once again with the sequel to Yamudu. As expected the screenplay has his mark that tries to give logic to the over the top proceedings happening at a frenetic pace. Only this time it fails to get that emotional connect which the director somehow manages even in such a fast paced narrative thanks to the grounded characters and emotions surrounding the over the top heroism.


In Singham too all his set up is present, scenes are present to give that emotional connect like the father and son relation which is broken at the beginning, love track with Anushka continues and additionally we have Hansika joining in as well, there is a attack on the family and a tragedy. All these elements are besides the action that is taking place as part of the core story that involves drug dealing and drug lord.

Unfortunately that entire emotional tracks, human arcs only add to the length of the film and fails to achieve the purpose they have been kept. Everything happens clinically and with precision and sharp cuts but they come off as a plain boring and trying too hard. This failure of the emotional aspects brings the film down several notches and leaves it as a simple cop-chases-goons-but-goons-escape-finally-cop-catches-them kind of predictable action movie with a poor climax to boot.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is poor but he makes up for it with background score that is noisy, yes, but still elevates the proceedings at crucial times.

Editing is good for the given material but in the screenplay itself lots of unnecessary threads could have been eliminated.

Bottom-line: Engages In Parts
Rating: 2.75/5

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