Dancing Star Sunil's Mr. Pellikoduku Movie Review


Buchibabu (Sunil) returns from US due to the family pressure to get married. He has a love at first sight feeling for the first girl he sees in a marriage proposal. But the girl has other plans and a boy friend too. Realizing this, the hero moves out of her life but fate brings them together again. Will they marry each other finally and what happens to the actual planned wedding is what the film is all about.

Sunil once again plays a bumbling yet earnest character. But he plays it with so much sincerity that it looks so fake on screen. It looks like he is trying too hard even to be simple and sensible. His dances are repetitive despite the hard work put.

Isha Chawla is a misfit for the character. She tries her best but she is not up-to the mark. Also with the sensibilities of the overall proceedings too changed things look even bad.

Ali gets a role that has something more to it than just comedy for a change. But that portion is very less and the comedian part dominates most of the screen time. He is fine overall.

Vincent gets a good character but he fails to bring depth to it. as a result it appears one dimensional and is rendered ineffective in the end.

Ahuti Prasad, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, a guy playing the Kerala friend of Ali are all good in their respective roles. We have seen them play these roles many times before but nonetheless they still manage to do well.

Few comic sequences
Overall plot of the film

Background music
Forced punches in dialogues

Mr Pellikoduku as we all know is a remake of the Hindi film Tanu Weds Manu. The original itself had a weak second half but the film was held together by some solid performances by the lead cast. In the remake the lead cast for those roles are clearly aren’t of the same caliber which is a major set back for the film.

Now added to that the director chooses to adapt the film to local sensitivity by adding lots of comedy. This works in a temporary stop gap fashion in the first half but when ever the actual content from the original comes, the remake falls flat.

In the second half the cushion of the comedy is completely gone and the remake had to follow the original script. This is where the film completely falls apart as performances are very weak. Add to that the cliched, predictable and terrible dialogues one feels completely restless in this half. The climax is done in a very predictable manner.

Music and background score by SA Rajkumar is the biggest negative for the film, especially the background score is one of the worst in recent times to put it politely.

Cinematography is good but the editing is poor especially in the first half of the film.

Bottom-line: Mr.Pellikoduku is one big predictable and boring film.
Rating: 2.25/5

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