Spyder Movie Review


What’s Good: Basic concept, SJ Suryah performance, the origin story of SJ Suryah’s character.

What’s Bad: Weak hero, silliest heroine character ever, second half, and climax.

Popcorn Break: Whenever you want, basically but you can wholly forget about movie whenever heroine arrives.

Watch or Not: Sometimes even the weakest of top directors have enough in it to warrant a watch once, that is not the case with Spyder.

Trade Talk: The openings are shocking for a festival, especially in the smaller centers.


Director AR Murugadoss’s films always have super expectations irrespective of the hero. It is another matter that he mostly works with the biggest names. It is always a difficult task coming with the highest expectations and delivering. Murugadoss has been doing that for a long time but in Tamil. In Telugu, he has failed with Stalin, and a decade later, things seem to have not changed despite being given a free reign.

The primary point of the story which speaks about decreasing humanity in people is very topical and identifiable issue. He also sets it up in a very current technological space of call tapping and tracking. The whole things give the perfect base for a typical AR Murugadoss grandiose entertainer. Unfortunately, the director fails at very critical points.

The first and foremost fault is the hero characterization. It is dull and lacks the typical big hero vibe. Mahesh Babu with his understated act makes it ordinary. Also, the villain lacks a proper progress after a fantastic backstory explaining his beginning. The cat and mouse game fails big time, and the climax makes everything look stupid. If killing was the solution, the villain should have been dead right the start of the second half when hero shoots at his shoulders on purpose. He could have killed him there, and that would be the end of the story. Gaping loopholes like these makes Spyder a colossal failure coming from AR Murugadoss.

The Last Word: Spyder is a waste of precious time. It would indirectly help increase the psychotic levels that it highlights about.

Rating: 2.25/5

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