Siddharth's NH4 Movie Review


Prabhu (Siddharth) and Rithika (Ashrita) love each after initial differences. Rithika’s father a politician doesn’t like this which results in the lovers to elope. Enter Manoj (Kay Kay Menon), a cop, who in entrusted with the responsibility of bringing together the daughter of the politician.

The film is told from different perspectives which give different interpretation of a same event. What is the actual truth and what happens in the end is what the film is all about.

Siddharth for a change is restrained and also in action mode as well. He suits the character very well and plays it very effectively.

Ashrita Shetty too gets a role that has a presence throughout the film and on whom the entire film is centered. She is decent but gets on the nerves during the second half of the film.

Kay Kay Menon is terrific as the cop. He brings in just the right intensity required for the role so that it doesn’t overpower the main lead actor of the film.

There are a number small bits and pieces character in the film and they all manage to make their presence felt in a scene or two, like the fat friend in the group or the one who is friends with heroine from the beginning or Naren as lawyer and so on.

Narration of the film

Dragging second half
Predictable climax

NH4 has a very simple story. But what makes the film work to an extent is the screenplay of the film which is pretty effective especially in the first half. It moves at a fast pace and the dialogues keeps the goings on engaging.

It is in the second half of the film that the film looses its steam. The dialogues starts to loose the meat it had in the first half. Even the screenplay becomes monotonous. All the things that create an impact and interest in the first half feels like being stretched a lot in the second half.

On top of it all the climax is an absolute drag and appears pretty muddled too. As a result the film fails in giving complete satisfaction at the end even thought it’s actually a short film comparatively to a normal film we see these days. Direction by Manimaran is good overall so is the screenplay by Vetrimaaran, to a large extent.

Music is alright but the background score is pretty good. It creates the right mood for the film and elevates the proceedings a lot of time.

Cinematography is very good and it helps in the film not having a low budget look. Editing is a mixed bag, it’s good in parts where by it speeds up the screenplay a lot but at times it looks very abrupt and even, the sync between the audio and video is missing.

Bottom-line: Watch it for the fresh and slick presentation
Rating: 2.75/5

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