Siddharth's Jabardasth Movie Review


Jabardasth story is about Bairraju (Siddharth) whose ambition is to become big in life by being a businessman. He takes money from various people for business purpose and then as the business plan fails he evades the scene leaving people in hunt of him. This nature of him lands him in trouble all over the place.

Shreya (Samantha) is girl with a plan and has a business in mind through which she wants to become very rich women. How Sherya (Samantha) and Bairraju (Siddharth) meet. What is her plan of business and what problems the two of them face together is what the film is all about.

Siddharth gets a full massy role after a long time. His performance is reminiscent of his movie Aata from the past. One has to get used to this ‘over’ action otherwise it might get on nerves for sure.

It’s the same with Samantha. She too overacts a lot but when she is restrained she is very good.

Srihari in a cameo role is alright. His introduction is good but as things go forward it become a typical Srihari performance.

Nithya Menon is once again fabulous in a special appearance. The role is such that it is sure to have connect with the audience.

Shayaji Shinde is repetitive but for a change he gets to speak in Hindi itself which might be a big relief.

Vennela Kishore in his brief appearance as a director is hilarious and so is Tagubotu Ramesh in parts.

Nithya Menon

Predictable story
A messy climax

The film is clearly heavily ‘inspired’ by Hindi film Band Baaja Baarat. And so it’s really divided into those who have seen the original and those who haven’t. For those who have seen it Jabardasth appears pretty hollow and almost lacking a soul. The director has added completely farcical comedy into the original which doesn’t give any scope for emotion that was present in the original.

Now coming to the other segment of those who haven’t seen the original and have no clue of it, Jabardasth offers a fresh plot-line something that is a rare thing in the current Telugu cinema scenario. The comedy tried here although farcical evokes laughter few times however it is stretched more than required at times which lessens the overall impact.

The first half of the film especially the beginning is very over the top and then after some time it settles into a rhythm. It goes well till interval where it ends on a predictable note. Second half of the film starts interestingly and then gaining momentum with the introduction of characters of Nithya Menon and Srihari. Among the two Nithya Menon portion is good but the Srihari episode ends on a poor note which is followed by a climax that is far from satisfying.

On the whole the film has its moments of fun and emotion through out but they aren’t consistent enough to evoke a unanimous positive reaction.

Music and background score by SS Thaman are fine. Choreography is good in parts. Cinematography is good. Editing is a problem with the film.

Bottom-line: For its fresh theme Jabardasth is a one time watch.
Rating- 3/5

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