Savyasachi Movie Review


Savyasachi Movie Review:

Akkineni’s young champ Naga Chaitanya is waiting for a decent hit for years. Though his last movie Shailaja Reddy Alludu got massive openings, in the end, it was an average grosser. Now, Chay came up with a different script “Savyasachi”.

Let’s get into the review of this movie.

Savyasachi Movie Review
Savyasachi Movie Review



The movie opens with a bus accident in Kulu where all the Passengers get brutally killed except one. He’s Vikram ( Vikram, Aditya will be known later). But the twist here is all passengers were linked to one person called Varun, and he plotted them to get killed. Why Varun wanted them to be killed, what is his motive behind his revenge is the remaining plot.



Naga Chaitanya is the one actor who’s getting better from movie to movie. The character in Savyasachi may look more comfortable, but it’s tough for an actor to make the audience feel easier. So, Chay passed with distinction in this way. He is also showing tremendous improvement in emotional scenes and dances. The reactions at the blast site and dance “Ninnu Road Meeda” remix are proof of that change.


Nidhhi Agerwal is beautiful on screen. Her presence with Chaitanya is a feast to watch on screen. Together they develop a cute little chemistry full of innocence which can’t be missed.

Madhavan made his Telugu debut with Savyasachi, and it’s a treat to watch him on screen. He presents the menacing persona with terrific ease and vigor. Other artists Vennela Kishore, Bhumika Thagubothu Ramesh, made justice to their characters. Especially Vennnela Kishore took the lead in many scenes to generate comedy, and he was hilarious.


Technical Departments:

Music by MM Keeravani is good but not up to his mark. There were no memorable tunes from this album. Choreographers did well to make them beautiful on screens. Coming to Re-Recording Keeravani did an outstanding job. Savyasachi title BGM is terrific. Cinematography by Yuvaraj is another asset to this movie. His style of work can be experienced by watching the accident episode at the beginning itself. Direction department is good. Writing could have been better. Production values by Mythri Movie Makers were top-class.



  1. Naga Chaitanya( and his left hand obviously)
  2. Comedy.
  3. 1st half.



  1. Music
  2. 2nd Half.
  3. Villain character design.



Director Chandoo Mondeti chose an exciting subject and created an interesting motive for the villain to avenge people but when coming to the rivalry between hero and villain he followed the routine route like the directors doing nowadays, and he falters there which brings the overall effort down.


The first half of the movie is all love scenes and family moments. Both are done with relative ease and finesse by Naga Chaitanya. He manages to make even the weakest written scene pass with his presence. The love scenes are a great example here where many, if not all, are on silly level writing-wise. The chemistry of Chay with the heroine and friends keeps things moving along even though nothing happens.


We get into the main plot at the interval mark, and from then onwards a strong hero and villain plot is running until the end. The initial few moments look totally one-sided, but post the small breather provided by a comedy and song, the action that follows is relentless and ends on a perfect note with the hero and villain face off. The climax is closed in a simple way without much prolongation.


In the end, Savyasachi is a decent one-timer watch due to the face between two well-established characters with motives. Better writing and more development to the Madhavan track would have created wonders, but sadly, that is not the case here. 



The major mistake every director doing these days is designing the antagonist character, and the same happened with Chandoo Mondeti in this movie. Weak writing and shallowness ruin the overall impact.


Rating: 2.5/5


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