Thalapathy Vijay Sarkar Movie Review


Sarkar Movie Review (Telugu Version)

Thalapathy Vijay’s much-awaited movie Sarkar released grandly today. Fans of Thalapathy and regular movie lovers kept high expectations on this movie because Vijay collaborated with Murugadoss for the third time with Sarkar. Their previous film Thupaki and Kaththi were blockbusters, and now, they are aiming strong for the hat-trick.


Let’s get into the review of Sarkar.

Sarkar Movie Review
Sarkar Movie Review



Sundar Rama Swamy (Vijay) an NRI corporate criminal who made many companies lifeless in abroad. Indian companies surveyed that Sundar is now coming to India to acquire it’s entire corporate world but actually he came India to cast his vote. But his vote was cast illegally by another person, and from then Sundar decides to fight against the election system. It later needs him to fight against the entire government.




The present South Indian superstar Thalapathy Vijay entirely carried this movie on his shoulders. His attitude, swag, and styles were the biggest plus and a treat to watch for the mass audience. It is not just the style, even in emotional scenes he was dominant.


Keerthy Suresh got the regular useless role a heroine gets in Murugadoss’s films barring Ghajini. Actually, Varalakshmi’s role got some importance in the last than Keerthy who is the main female lead. The songs also did not prove to be any relief.


Pala. Karuppiah, a real-life politician cum actor played the antagonist in the movie. He was apt for the part, but despite best efforts by the director to show him menacingly, it did not come across that way. Radha Ravi was good, and he got several one to one scenes with Vijay to leave a mark. Thulasi, Yogi Babu, Prem Kumar and others had brief roles with no real impact.



Technical Departments:


Music by AR Rahman is not at all up to his mark. Just one song is decent, and Top Tucker is used for the background score. BGM is good overall. Photography is also neat. Special mention to the fight masters Ram-Laxman. They did a fabulous job in composing action sequences.





  1. Thalapathy Vijay’s Performance.
  2. Story.
  3. First Half.






3.2nd Half.




AR Murugadoss is an exceptional director in Indian Cinema. He specialises in picturizing the current problems in the society and that too very entertainingly with a racy screenplay. That speciality was missed in Spyder and now in Sarkar, as well.


Without wasting any time, AR Murugadoss gets directly into the plot, and it makes the audience excited. The momentum continues until a song or comedy scene arrives. Again, the energy is built, and political punches etc. keep things flowing right towards the interval mark.


It is after the interval that the engaging factor is missing with scenes that look forcibly written into the narrative to evoke a particular emotional response. They are not organically developed and instead come across as reverse engineered after a conclusion has been locked. The ending also is weak.


Another major problem with Sarkar is the weak antagonist. AR Murugadoss used to write strong negative characters to challenge the hero but here in Sarkar villain role is too weak to fight with Vijay. The support given to the villain is not fully utilised, to further weaken the proceedings.


If we keep the negatives aside, Murugadoss touched an interesting point in political issues (section 49p) and tried to get some awareness in the society which is a right thing and must be appreciated.





Strictly for Thalapathy Vijay fans.


Rating: 2.5/5


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