Saptagiri LLB Movie Review


What’s good: The core content, Sai Kumar performance, climax.

What’s bad: Sapthagiri is miscast for a lead role, same is the case with the judge.

Popcorn break: Lots of time to eat lots of popcorn in the first half.

Watch or not: No, if you have seen the original.

Trade Talk: The primary content and mass appeal might give Sapthagiri fetching in b,c centers. But it will find it hard to survive post the weekend.


Charan Lakkakula is credited with the additional story changes to the original. Because those are worst parts of the movie, we have to say his contribution brings the remake down. Even direction wise the film is weak.

The first half is a torture to sit through thanks to the changes. The needless and forced comedy, the mandatory insertion of songs, do no good at all. The second half mostly sticks to the story with little deviation which brings interest in watching. However, the lack of match between Sapthagiri and Sai Kumar brings down that excitement too. The climax thanks to the emotional appeal is excellent. Overall, the remake is poorly adapted for Telugu audience.

The last word: The remake has the spirit of the original in few parts. Pathetic additions mask the rest.

Rating: 2/5

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