Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie Review


Who is Sampoornesh Babu and why he is robbing electric shops, is the basic story line of the film.

Though a low budget experimental movie, one most say the cast has been well chosen and prove effective for the kind of characters they are spoofing. The doctor and second heroine could have been better even among this cast though. Sampoornesh rocked the show with his dialogue delivery and expressions. He is a laugh riot to watch.



Director Steven Shankar (Sai Rajesh) has chosen a very unconventional way to debut as director which needs to be appreciated. Once the appreciation is over we can clearly see that the director’s biggest strength in the dialogues. They are a hoot and instantly connect with the viewer. The problem therefore arises out of this as well. Many a times when we are going in a flow and working well, we don’t want to end it. While that might look perfectly reasonable, it inevitable and unknowingly leads to excess which has a rebound effect overall. The pertinent question here one should ask is ‘how much is enough?’ and this is where the film falters. It goes for overkill and that dilutes the overall impact.

Another interesting thing here is that the film suffers from the same problems that the film is trying to spoof. The fact is that the original over the top masala entertainers, which the film spoofs or follows religiously, itself are vastly criticized for their excess. And Hrudaya Kaleyam in trying to make fun of those films makes the same mistakes as them narrative wise and ends up as an average fare. Music is in tune with the overall proceedings. Background score is better in comparison and helps the narrative. Cinematography is inconsistent and editing is messy in parts.

Bottom-line: Laugh Riot For Sampoo Fans
Rating: 3/5

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