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RaviTeja Krack Review & Movie Rating.


The Title And Ravi Teja As Hero Create High Excitement? What is The Film About?

Krack is a traditional high voltage cop story where the ‘cop’ at the centre of the storm is ‘Krack’ by nature.

It is a character quality. It is a perfect fit for Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and he elevates it to the next level with his performance.

The story is a routine one. It is the heroism and characterisation that makes the difference.

Looks like a Typical Mass Entertainer? How Is Krack Different?

Krack is a mass fare, but not a mass entertainer in the typical sense. Yes, you have the hero-villain confrontations and so on, but there is a raw edge to the whole proceedings, which is previously unseen.

At least, among the films of Gopichand Malineni, it is a first. The seriousness dominates the proceedings. This angle is what gives a fresh twist to the routineness.

But, If It’s Too Serious, Wouldn’t It Be Boring And Lack Repeat Value?

Yes, it is true with serious mass fares with routine lines. They lack the repeat value. However, that is where Ravi Teja’s characterisation and the screenplay of Gopichand Malineni come to the rescue.

Ravi Teja provides a balanced act with undercurrent element of humour mixed to it. It is not ‘Kick’ level over the top concerning comedy, but enough care is taken to mix entertainment without diluting the seriousness. You enjoy him, and it helps keep the narrative lighter and easier to digest.


Tell Me More About Ravi Teja’s Performance. Is it Befitting His Talents?

Ravi Teja is sensational in the movie. The Mass Maharaja is usually a wholesome entertainer, but there are occasions when he goes for intense mass roles with a larger-than-life appeal. We see that in Vikramarkudu, Veera etc. There is a difference between what he does in these roles and elsewhere. Krack belongs to that category, and fortunately, it works out terrifically.

The standout scenes are all the confrontation moments between Ravi Teja and Samuthirakani. The intensity and emotion mixed with undercurrent fun is a treat to watch.

Many scenes show Ravi Teja’s energetic capabilities, but, the one we especially like is a soft one in the second half where Samuthirakani is on top.

The villain gets a chance to dominate, but Ravi Teja gets the upper hand with his comeback. The close-up shot, the expression, anger and intensity is a joy to watch. When Ravi Teja says ‘Chinna Break Icha’ it lights up the screen. It is moments like these that make Krack a must-watch for the fans and show what an underrated and underutilised performer is Mass Maharaja.

Just looks at the difference in attitude and body language from Disco Raja to Krack. It is extraordinary the way he pulls off both.

Whoa! Gopichand Malineni Seems To Have Done A Great Job With Direction?

Without any doubt, it can be said that Krack is best-directed work from Gopichand Malineni. Balupu is a better entertainer, but there is narrative inconsistency in it. Here, there is less issue on that count. The real deal is the mass and focus on Ravi Teja’s potential as a mass performer.

The initial half an hour feels a bit iffy as multiple tracks are brought together in the narrative. So, you have flashbacks within a flashback and then family drama and mass elevations all happening one by one. It feels a bit chaotic. But, once the main villain of the show is introduced, there is no looking back.

The screenplay is written well to bring a fresh twist to the predictable tale. The idea of three different things bringing the downfall of three antagonists is unique and handles excellently. Small tweaks like this make Krack an engaging fare from the start to end despite the shortfalls in between.

What Are The Shortfalls?

As said previously, the beginning is a bit confusing screenplay wise. It is due to the different timelines. Similarly, the establishment of various worlds looks jarring as they come one after the other.

In the second half, a couple of tracks are dragged. Both suffer from excessive and overdone length. The significant problem is the failure to meet the high set by the end of the first half. It is also continued in the second half. The ‘Vetapalem’ track is critical here. It is built extraordinarily and used judiciously in the narrative. However, when it comes to an end, it misses the punch. It is on the Na Peru Shiva and Khaki villain tracks’ lines but lacks the satisfactory conclusion of those.

Who Else Have Noteworthy Presence?

Shruti Haasan looks fabulous after a gap. She gets a regular heroine part, but with a twist and it is all that matters. Similarly, Samuthirakani has done a fabulous job portraying the role of villain Katari Krishna. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is seen doing her usual stuff but is passable. The comedy is handled by small screen comedian bunch, in bits and pieces roles.

What About The Technical Details?

S Thaman has done a fantastic job with the background score of the movie. It is extraordinary. It elevates the whole thing to the next level. The combination of Ravi Teja and S Thaman has always been impressive. Krack is no different. However, the songs are not up to the mark.

The cinematography is brilliant by GK Krishna. He has given the movie a rich and grand look. The action scenes and locations look fantastic. The effect is such that it makes one want to watch them on the screen. Navin Nooli’s editing could have been better.

The Conclusion:

Krack is a Mass Treat For Mass audience from Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. It has a routine premise, but the execution by Gopichand Malineni makes the difference.

Bottom-line: Mass Maharaja’s Mass Treat
Rating: 3/5

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