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A wannabe cop Tirupathi is brought in to replace corrupt cop Baladev Sahaay, (both played by Ravi Teja) by Jayavardhan (Mukesh Rushi). Who is Baladev Sahaay and what his flashback is and why Tirupathi comes in his place and what he does in his place is the overall story of the film. How does Nirupama (Hansika) and Vaishnavi (Regina Cassandra) relate to those respective characters, complete the sub plots of the film.


Ravi Teja is in his elements as usual. Compared to some of his recent past films he is a bit subdued here but he makes it up with his intensity. He has shown good variations in his roles and shows his emotional range in the few scenes that requires them.

Both the heroines have limited roles that have very little involvement in the actual story of the film. They are for fun and entertainment and songs and they do their job well in that regard.

Comedians Brahmanandam and Sapthagiri hold the show in the first half of the film. In the first half Sapthagiri dominates the proceedings with his impeccable timing but in the second half once again Brahmanandam comes into action when required the most. Posani Krishna Murali doesn’t get much to make an impression for most part of the film. Once again he too gets his moment of glory just at the right moment that helps the film.

Sampath is the only actor in the film who doesn’t get to showcase his funny bone. He is menacing throughout and is pretty convincing in doing so. Mukesh Rushi gets another role where all he has to do is just sleep walk. Brahmaji doesn’t get much to create an impact. Prakash Raj is exactly the opposite, even with a very limited character time, he gets his scene where he leaves a mark.

Ravi Teja
Twists in second half

Drags at times in second half
Rushed climax


Among the regular commercial films we get in Telugu cinema, Power is one of the better films in terms of content that involves a wannabe cop and a corrupt police officer. The plot that is developed with this content is conventional and predictable. Once again to make this conventional plot appear fresh the screenplay has been twisted a lot which is where the film works and also fails in parts.

The screenplay works fine in the first half and the interval twist is good. It is in the second half where the problem arises as the time comes for the rest of the plot to be unveiled. Once we are through with the fresh aspect of the content and heart of the script everything else that follows simply seems to flow in a rush to come to an end. The pre climax and climax is particularly highlighted in this regard. However what makes all this tick are few well executed sequences where the emotional aspect is neatly handled. The port-fight sequence for example, it helps keeps the narrative tighter and emotions in check and in an engaging manner.

In the end we have a movie with an entertaining first half and emotionally engaging, albeit slightly dragging, second half. It is predictable but is engaging at the same time thanks to the content.

Music is decent as we have said in our review. The neat placements help them register further. The background score is a mixed bag, it is good in few parts. At some important moments with better background score the impact could have been felt much more. Editing and cinematography are good. Choreography of songs is in tune with the personality of Ravi Teja and thus few manage to make mark. Dialogues are major plus for the film as they are the major source of entertainment in the film. Production values are rich.

Bottom-line: Power Packed Entertainer
Rating: 3/5

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