Raja The Great Movie Review


What’s Good: Ravi Teja’s energy, villain characterization, entertainment.

What’s Bad: Anil Ravipudi goes way over the top at times, the formulaic narrative, pre-climax.

Popcorn Break: The movie doesn’t give a break till the hero’s mother is kidnapped in the second half, you have to wait till then to get your hands on the popcorn.

Watch or Not: Watch it for Ravi Teja mark entertainment with Anil Ravipudi’s items.

Trade Talk: For a mid-week release, the movie has opened well. It will only get better in the coming extended weekend. Its final fate is dependent on the talk of another film in competition.


Anil Ravipudi is fast establishing himself as a director to reckon with when it comes to commercial entertainers among the newer breeds. His last two films despite cliché storyline were highly entertaining with heroism and other commercial aspects intact. He follows the same formula in Raja The Great and succeeds.

At the onset itself, the director reveals his entire plot. There is nothing more regarding the story, yet he manages to hook the audience till the very end with a tight screenplay. There are over the top and typical commercial scenes in a story about a blind guy. One might think of this as a weakness, but the director has clearly established his world, so such complaints seem null and void. In the end, it is all about the entertainment and Raja The Great delivers it in tons.

The film is not with blemish though. As we said before, the story is thin, and we know what the end is going to be like. With that in mind, at a point in the second half, one feels the movie could have ended. Everything that happens after that moment is a drag. Imagine two songs coming after that point? It brings down the near perfect commercial entertainer until that point, a little down. Overall, Raja The Great in spite of the dragging, final moments is a well engaging entertaining movie.

The Last Word: It is a masala blind world where anything is possible for the hero. With that in mind, enjoy the fun ride created by Anil Ravipudi with a perfect partner in crime artist Ravi Teja

Rating: 3/5

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