The End Movie Review – Watch It Till 'The End'



Rajeev (Sudheer) and Priya (Priya Reddy) are newlywed couple. After a shocking incident Priya stars to behave strangely which deteriorates the health of Rajeev. Gautham (Yuva Chnadra) his friend who is psychiatrist comes to the rescue of Rajeev and solve his problem. What’s the problem and how it’s solved forms the rest of the film.


There are primarily three characters in the film and among them only two, Rajeev (Sudheer Reddy) and Gautham (Yuva Chandra) have all the action/drama part. These two characters and performances from those artists drive the entire film. For the film to work they have to deliver and they do deliver.

Sudheer and Yuva give us a believable performance and they are the reason we are engaged to the overall proceedings in the film. Others have small bits and pieces roles that are not really important to the overall narrative.


Artist’s performances
Thrill factor

The end
Some Parts In Second Half


Director Rahul Sankrityan makes his debut with the film. It is a decent debut with decent execution of a plot that is definitely good on paper compared to what it is on the movie screen. The slow pace, although intended, hurts the film a bit in the end.

The story is a simple one, but the screenplay and performances which are decent hook us. The first half of the film is very simple and neatly executed with good revelation of the story from one point to other. The second half in comparison is weaker on story aspect but the thrill and drama factor makes one glued to the seat. There is one important red herring kind of digression but since its resolved in a simple way towards it doesn’t really create the huge of an impact to the overall narrative and things remain decent throughout.

Music by Vishnu and Hari is below par but the background score which is very crucial for a film of these kinds is very neatly done and a major asset. Dialogues too are good. Cinematography is a bad and editing is jerky many a times.

Bottom-line: Watch It Till ‘The End’
Rating: N/A

[PS: As we are associated with the movie, we are not rating it.]

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