Hasee toh Phasee Review – Parineeti Steals The Show!




Nikhil (Siddharth Malhotra) is a commitment loving guy that every girl wants to marry. He is engaged to Karishma (Adah Sharma) whose only problem is that she thinks Nikhil is too careless with his life. She asks him to get a certain amount before marriage as a result. In the mean time Nikhil meets Meeta (Parineeti Chopra) and together they have moments in due course to time that draw them close to each other. What happens in the end is what the film all about is.

Siddharth Malhotra has a charming and instantly like-able screen presence for the teenage segment. He does nothing much performance wise but still sails through as the role requires nothing complex here on acting part.

Adah Sharma looks gorgeous but suffers from a role that poorly written.

It’s Parineeti Chopra who shines here as an actor. She is the lifeline of the film. She plays another variant of her bubbly self though clearly it’s not on the hyper level like her previous attempts. Also she brings out the emotional aspect to the fore clearly and in the end makes one root for her. She clearly towers over everyone else.

Apart from Parineeti Chopra its Manoj Joshi with his pre climax emotional scene that strikes a chord with the viewer. Sarath Saxena gets few hilarious scenes and so does the Kanpur Idol guy who is a riot whenever mimicking Anu Mallik. Everyone else fits the characters perfectly.

Parineeti Chopra
Subtle Comedy
Genuine emotion

Lazy narration that drags in parts
Predictable climax



Hasee Toh Phasee is directed by debutant Vinil Matthew. It’s a typical multiplex fare where there is no real over the top entertainment or excitement being thrown at the audience. All it contains is moments and moments all over its length that manage to give a small chuckle, bring little smile or tear in due course as the story progresses.

The story is clearly for a niche audience and it takes patience to sit through for sure. Once one is willing to accept those and embrace the story we have then a very lovable family that is a mix of regular and quirky characters. Take the Kanpur Idol guy or the Sarath Saxena’s retired cop cum father character or a very emotional and straightforward father character of Manoj Joshi’s. More than the actual storyline, its performances and moments created by these characters along with Parineeti Chopra that holds our attention.

So where is the problem one might think, as we have said it’s a film carrying a different sensibility all together that is predominantly-multiplex. The film moves along lazily and could be sleep inducing one for those who prefer fast paced narratives. There are also moments where the feeling of repetitiveness sets in that also creates boredom. And finally the predictable end.

Music by Vishal Shekhar could have been much better. Couple of songs towards the end are better though the effect is again largely derived due to the situation that the actual song itself. Cinematography is good. Editor should have been a bit ruthless and made the film a little bit crispier.

Bottom-line: Watch it for Parineeti’s Stellar Performance!
Rating: 2.75/5

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