Paper Boy Movie Review


Paper Boy Movie Review

Sampath Nandi besides directing also produces from time to time. In the past, he backed Aadhi starrer Gaalipatam, and now after a gap, he is bringing Paper Boy. Santosh Sobhan, son of late director Sobhan of Varsham fame acts in the movie. Riya Suman and Tanya Hope are the heroines. Let get to the review to see whether this team of youngsters has delivered or not.

Paper Boy Movie Review
Paper Boy Movie Review


Ravi (Santosh Sobhan) falls in love with Dharani (Riya Suman) through a shared passion for words. Later, their social status, Ravi is a poor guy whereas Dharani is rich, come in the way when it comes to marriage.

Unrelated to Ravi and Dharani is Megha (Tanya Hope). She comes to know about illness and that she has only limited time to live. How Megha becomes part of Ravi and Dharani’s love story and where it ends is the basic story.

Artists Performance:

Santosh Sobhan did a decent job. The character was pure and didn’t require heavy duty emotions. He played it nicely without any overacting. Riya Suman has got an excellent role among the two female leads. She looks lovely in a traditional way and performs neatly.

Vidyullekha Raman and Bithiri Satti are fun, but it is overdone. The spoof scene featuring the two is good but feels out of place in the movie. Posani Krishna Murali has only two scenes. The rest are okay in their small parts.

Technical Departments:

Bheema Ceciroleo providing the music keeps things peppy. Two songs are good and shot well on screen, but other appear like speed breakers. Sundar Rajan’s cinematography is excellent. Visuals in the songs and particular scenes are like big production movies. Editing could have been better.

Coming to the direction, it is good. The actors have done their part given their scope and manage to connect. The screenplay and the story is where Paperboy falters. The commercial treatment with comedy blocks and bits drags the narrative and never allows a proper flow. The emotions fail to build correctly.

The first interaction between the lead pair through words is creatively thought out and written. The later romance scenes are straight out of many romantic pictures that we have seen many times. The story also proceeds on the same front.

The second half is also no different with no real novelty. The climax becomes melodramatic in an expected way. It would have been fine if the build-up to that also had proper emotional flow. It is decent.



Pure Romance

First Half



Contrived Emotions

Forced Comedy Track



Paperboy is a love story that has been presented as a fresh one but is already seen countless times. If the love story is enough, to see, then go for it otherwise avoid.




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