Paisa Vasool Movie Review


What’s Good: Balakrishna’s energy.

What’s Bad: Same as above.

Popcorn Break: During the songs and whenever we get into the story involving artists other than Balakrishna.

Watch or Not: If you are not a fan of Balakrishna, skip it.

Trade Talk: The unique combination of Balakrishna with Puri Jagannadh has helped in generating the initial curiosity and the openings. It looks hard to survive in the coming days.


The stories are usually the only thing to cheer about in the recent directorial efforts of Puri Jagannadh. They offer something fresh from the very run of the mill stuff we see week after week. However, in Paisa Vasool, the director fails in that one positive aspect as well. It is basically a rehash of the best bits in the director’s career.

The additional problem with the movie is sometimes aware and sometimes forgetfulness of the self-satirical proceedings. The humor works in parts, but with an overactive energy of Balakrishna, it becomes difficult to sit through them. Add to it the director only focuses on the star without much care about others and the result is we have a film where neither the star nor the content works.

The stretch involving Shreya in the flashback is the only part of the movie that is watchable. A glimpse of the past of Puri Jagannath can be seen in those portions. However, the hyper (over) action could still be a big concern for many. Paisa Vasool, in the end, fails to provide worth for our money.

The Last Word: Try it to see NBK in a new avatar if you are a fan. If that is not the case why are you even reading this?

Rating: 2/5

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