Nithin’s LIE Movie Review


What’s Good: The basic story idea is excellent, the songs are good, and Nithiin looks fab.

What’s Bad: The screenplay is dull and confusing, it loses track entirely in the second half, the love track feels unnecessarily tacked on.

Popcorn Break: Whenever the heroine enters the frame, or there is a romance.

Watch or Not: Since the video songs can be seen pretty soon, this is an obvious choice to make, avoid it.

Trade Talk: The film’s opening is a total shocker for the trade. The buzz was low despite a blockbuster song. LIE would be forgotten by the time the holiday festival is over.

Analysis: There is a coat, and something is hidden in it. One feels interesting. There is a magician who wears a coat, and something is stored in it. Ok, no problem. There is a whole team that is trying to catch the magician, and they feel the coat is the only way to find him. Alright, we are interested.

There is a magician, and the police are behind him. There is a regular guy who is involved in this, and he has a lover to take care off. It turns out, predictably so, there is an undercover cop. We also know that the magician can magically change personalities. The coat contains nuclear codes? The heroine is in love. The gods are making it all happen and watch it unfold as humans. Wait, what? Where did the Gods come in?

If you are lost somewhere reading all that, don’t worry you are just reading, we have seen the mess and can assure that it is much easier to read than relate and be engaged to what’s happening on screen.

Apart from the fights, the few songs and couple of twists, thrown randomly in the narrative, LIE is a hot mess. There is a sense of relief from all the madness when it ends.

The Last Word: The lack of clarity and conviction in narration kills the LIE

Rating: 2/5

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