Ninnu Kori Movie Review


What’s Good: The attempt to make a cliché story look realistic.

What’s Bad: The attempt to make a cliché story look realistic turn into a farce due to forced comic interjection.

Popcorn Break: During the second half, and songs.

Watch or Not: Watch it for the all-around performances.

Trade Talk: Another good opening for Nani with a new and unproven director, has all the potential to be second biggest grosser in Nani’s career.


Shiva Nirvana makes his debut with Ninnu Kori. He has taken a predictable subject and tried to give it a new modern day twist. However, the “twist”’ doesn’t work that well, what works are the performances and the predictable entertainment on the way.

The most significant reason for anyone to be interested in the movie is the clarity of director on the story he has and what he wants to present. The three critical elements in the film are well worked out and shown. The love story of the lead pair, and the reason for their separation in neatly handled. Similarly, the growth in the relationship of a newly married couple, and finally, the decision taken in the end are shown adequately.

The problem is the contrived screenplay and cliché scenario and most of the time a forced comedy introduced to come to the point. It gives the narrative a formulaic feel, and the genuine connect and appeal goes for a toss. Ninnu Kori, in the end, is an above average fare thanks to the clarity and charming performances by the lead pair.

The Last Word: Whatever may be the intention there is a clarity in presentation, and that is the ultimate savior of Ninnu Kori.

Rating: 3/5

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