Aha Kalyanam Movie Review – Remake That Makes Copy Look Better!


Shakti(Naani) wants to be an independent guy and plans to be a wedding planner. He encounters Shruti(Vani) at one such function and he follows her and finally lures her into partnership deal. Problems arise when partnership gets mixed with emotions and how both end up and how they resolve the issues is what the film all about.

Naani is generally fine but this film exposes his weakness for the first time. This part requires little more ruggedness and swagger which he lacks. He does his usual routine that includes various gimmicks with his voice, his biggest asset. He puts it to best usage in the climax which also is the only scene he registers.

As far as the remaining film goes its all about the character of Vani Kapoor. She has a physic that towers her co-star and also gets scenes where she gets to showcase her emotional act. Its another matter that in-spite of doing all she can she fails to connect.

The rest of the character artists are only for the count sake and add no real value. Simran is used only in a cameo.

Fresh Story
Crispy Narration

Nativity problem
Music & BGM

Remakes are usually tricky to execute as most often they get lost in translation despite the perfect of execution. Add to it the fact that the film is dubbed, it gets even more problamatic. With Aaha Kalyanam all these problems come to the fore in addition to the fact that someone already a copy of it locally.

Gokul Krishna makes a faithful by the book remake of Band Baaja Baarat. And as said he suffers from all those problems mentioned above. In addition to those problems lack of any local actors makes thing even difficult. Therefore despite good execution the film feels lifeless as it fails to engage on an emotional level. Both the halves are equally lifeless with only few Scenes overall managing to elicit any response.

Music and BGM don’t help the cause either as they too are meh. Cinematography is good, it lends the film a rich look even though its mostly shot on real locations. Editing is smooth and it helps film keep moving smoothly. Production values are good.

Bottomline: Remake that makes copy look better!
Rating: 2.25/5

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