Nagarjuna's Bhai Movie Review (Q&A Format)




[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat is Bhai story all about?
When Bhai enters story and all doesn’t matters. 

Ok who are present in Bhai?
Bhai needs guns before 6 and women after 6. So to hold guns we have Ashish Vidyarthi and Sonu Sood and to hold flowers we have Richa Gangopadhyay. 

Fine, do they do anything in the film?
Men with guns get beaten up by Bhai and women with flowers are floored by Bhai. 

What about heroine Richa Gangopadhyay?
Bhai cares about his women therefore the women appears only before songs and disappears after song.  Also Bhai loves his family women therefore Bhai has given better role to his ‘behen’ than heroine. 

Please let us know what the story of the film is all about?
Bhai does not answer the same question twice. 

How about comedy?
Bhai is comedy, comedy is Bhai.

Means there is no comedy?
Bhai is THE comedy. When Bhai enters, no comedians matter.

How about dialogues in the film?
There are no dialogues in the film.

There are only Bhai bullets.

And how many bullets are there?

Every time Bhai speaks it’s a bullet. Bhai-playboy, Bhai enters-climate changes, Bhai fights in prepaid-postpaid style and many more. 

How are the songs in the film?
Bhai cares for his people. Just so that people can relax Bhai has placed five songs in such an inappropriate manner that everyone feels the need to take a walk out.

And background music?
Bhai does not care about background music when he is not around. Music director also same like Bhai, he doesn’t care what he gives when Bhai is not in frame and sometimes even when he is in frame. 

And editing?
Bhai feels let down by editing. 

Is there anything new at all in the film?
Yes, Bhai speaks with Telangana accent.

Is that good?
It’s better than Bhai speaking in Rayalaseema accent. 

When did Bhai speak in
Rayalaseema accent?
Bhai need not remind him of his Ragada. 

Oh yes Ragada, is Bhai better than Ragada?
Bhai does not tell lies so he will skip the question.

Seriously, asking again. Please do tell us something about the movie story?
Ok, this is it. Bhai is very furious with this question. How can Bhai tell something that even he doesn’t know?

Then how did Bhai land up with this film in the direction of Veerabhadram Chowdhary?
Babes, bikes, guns, fights, foreign locales, Bhai bullets, new costumes, Ruler background. Veerabhadram Chowdhary made a film displaying all those items perfectly.


Bhai leaves. 

Rating: 2/5


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