Naani's Paisa Review – Remember You Are The One Getting Robbed



All Prakash (Nani) cares about is Money, his dream is to get 1 Cr. All Noor (Catherine Tresa) wants is Prakash, she wants to marry him and have lots of kids. Sanyasi Raju (Charan Raj) dreams of becoming Chief Minister by collapsing the government. How Money connects them all is what Paisa is all about.

Nani is a natural performer with a gifted voice that makes one connect instantaneously. He makes best use of both the qualities in this film like he does as usual and there is nothing exceptional being performed here. In fact the Krishna Vamsi mark over action manages to make one feel sorry for him at times.

Catherine Tresa plays a deglamorised role that is adequately beautiful. More than the acting on part of actress it’s the character that manages to create empathy for whatever little time it can. Beyond that small time the character is so shoddily written that no one really cares about her even though it’s literally all about her.

Siddhika Sharma is a character that irritates no ends from the moments she opens her mouth. She could be therefore better enjoyed and be better service to the film whenever her mouth is shut.

Charan Raj, Bharath Reddy, Raja Ravinder etc get small parts but Charan Raj and Raja Ravinder do manage to create a little impression. By impression it’s again nothing to do with their acting but the role for them reminds us the potential they can have. Duvvasi Mohan is wasted and Akbar Bin Tabar is a decent find.

Background music
Few scenes in second half

Siddhika Sharma character
Thin storyline
Predictable screenplay


Krishna Vamsi has taken a very simple and thin plot line for the movie that revolves around Money. The problem here is that he takes the whole first half to come to this actual storyline which is a very simple crime caper. Once the film enters the crime caper mould it follows all the clichés of the genre that the lovers of this genre have been privy to since ages. There is nothing new the director brings on to the table and this makes the film boring and lifeless mostly. Add to it the over action one witnesses from the actors things get a lot difficult to sit through.

However one could still sit through because of the relentless pace of the film and background score. There are a couple of scenes that do really manage to create excitement even along the largely routine narration, the discovery of the money being one such noticeable sequence. But there are very such sequences to thrill us for most part of the film. In the end the film is a predictable but below average fate for those who haven’t seen movies previously of this genre. For others its one long bore with predictability written all over it.

Music by Sai Karthik is okay. It’s the background music that is well executed and deserves a credit. Cinematography and editing is poor. Production values are alright. Much is expected from the choreography of songs in a Krishna Vamsi film, this one disappoints even on this score.

Bottom-line: Remember you are the one getting robbed
Rating: 2.25/5

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