Mental Madhilo Movie Review


What’s good: Story, first half and hero’s performance.

What’s bad: The second half

Popcorn break: As much as you want in the second half till we are back to the climax

Watch or not: Watch it

Trade Talk: The opening is not as expected and with the word of mouth not as favorable as anticipated, the film will struggle hard in the coming days, even if it sustains at low level initially.


Vivek Athreya is perfect in casting and hero characterization. He also brings an ideal middle class and upper-middle-class sensibilities to the display. All these factors mixed with humor make the first half a delight to watch.

The problem is the second half and the love story progress. The idea is right, but the way it has been executed makes one lose interest in the proceedings and subsequently the film itself. It has been dragged way beyond the permissible limit and made in style reminding one of the short films. The climax is alright. Overall, for the charming first half, one can give Mental Madhilo a try.

The last word: There is an interesting point, and story no doubt about that. It also works gloriously in half. Watch the movie for that half

Rating: 2.75/5

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