Manu Movie Review


Manu Movie Review:

The most hyped and crowd-funded movie Manu hit cinemas today. Brahmanandam’s son Gautham and short film sensation Chandini Chowdary acted together in this movie. Super hit Madhuram short film director Phanindra Narsetti directed this movie.

Manu Movie Review
Manu Movie Review



Manu (Gautham) and Neela (Chandini) are two like-minded people. Both of them see their life from different perspectives, unlike others. Also, they have artistic souls that brought them together. But unfortunately, a day changed their lives completely. An exciting interval bang makes us curious for the 2nd half. To know more, watch the movie.




Gautham is too good as Manu. He’s so subtle with lots of emotions in him. But the only thing is he couldn’t express all the feelings at times in an intensely required manner. Apart from those, in the rest of the scenes, he’s good. Chandini Chowdary probably got the first decent role on silver screen. Rest of the actors did their job accordingly.


Technical Departments:


Camera work is brilliant. Director’s vision can clearly be known through his lenses. A unique experience through camera work for Telugu audience can be felt here in Manu. Music is just okay and also the sound design. There was much hype about the sound design but nothing like that. Production values are superb. Though it’s a crowd-funded movie, the unit didn’t step backward for the quality. Coming to direction, there are many positives in direction and so negatives.


Phanindra Narsetty written a fantastic story with interesting conflict but he tried to use all his talent of film-making on this script. A patchy screenplay confuses the audience and many times irritates them. The audience does not wish to come to theatres to get their patience tested. Phanindra made this film in his style keeping this issue aside.


The first half of the movie is passable, which itself feels like a whole movie. The second half tests patience like never before. It is only towards the end some momentum is building, but it is too late by that point.


What’s good?



Central Theme

Interval Twist


What’s bad?

Screenplay (The biggest Minus)




Though the movie was hyped too much in the name of new age film-making, it doesn’t score well in that department. It has its points but overall dealt in a wrong way.


Manu Movie Review & Rating:



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