Malli Raava Movie Review


What’s good: Sumanth, comedy, songs and background score.

What’s bad: Slow paces narration, the story gets clichéd as it progresses.

Popcorn break: lots of time in the “present” part of the story.

Watch or not: Give it a try.

Trade Talk: The movie has come virtually unannounced. The openings are poor, but decent talk could enable it to have a low-level run at smaller numbers.


The story of Malli Raava when seen linearly is nothing home to write about. It is a very predictable one at that with an attempt to make it novel through the climax. However, Gowtham Tinnanuri makes it interesting via the screenplay. It moves back and forth in a way the emotions are flowing forward. It keeps the simple tale from boring to death.

However, even within that different narrative approach, the content is a very routine one. The writing is also weak which makes proceedings little painful to sit through. There is a comedy in another segment which takes care of the overall narrative. In the end, Malli Rava has parts that are mighty engaging, add to that excellent music, one can give it a try in cinemas.

The last word: If there is nothing else on your platter for the weekend and you want to kill time and also love the romantic movie and have no issues with pace, give Malli Raava a try.

Rating: 2.5/5

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