Mallesham – A Journey Of Passion and Perseverance [Review]


Mallesham – A Journey Of Passion and Perseverance

The ‘real’ life journey of Chinthakindi Mallesham from an ordinary man to a Padma Shri award winner is truly an inspirational story and one that fits naturally into the ‘reel’. However, the Mallesham that we see on screen is a result of similar passion but, from another person who stays behind the screen. It is the director Raj R.

The dual nature of Mallesham in its passion and perseverance that cuts through the real and reel is the true victory of the movie. The simplicity and authenticity of the subject are what makes it challenging. The approach towards getting the finer details right, linguistically and narratively, sets apart Raj R’s Mallesham from others and showcase what proper research can additionally bring to an already likeable tale.

Mallesham immerses us into its world from the beginning and takes us through a journey of ups and down and finally morphs into something that is beyond its immediate narrative pitfalls. It transforms into something more as a deeper connect is segued between the characters and the audience. The victory, in the end, is not just for the ‘real’ Mallesham or the ‘reel’ one, but everyone who watches and becomes a Mallesham in the process.

Films of the kind of Mallesham come very rarely. It is a hyper-realistic narrative that also entertains without ever losing to the commercial diktats. It offers a polemic view of society and how it stifles the aspirers by not stating it explicitly. This rare quality in Mallesham that cuts too close to the bone in depicting the problem helps it resonate with the viewer instantly.

And last but not the least, Priyadarshi and team of actors that are part of the world of Mallesham breathe life to their roles. Everyone has given their best, including small cameos.

Given all that Mallesham manages to accomplish by staying true to the story and the art of it, it is a must-watch movie, and highly recommended.

Rating: 4/5
BottomLine: Inspiring Yet Entertaining Cinema.

PS: We are so inspired by this fantastic movie that we are bringing Cinecorn back. A revamped site is coming soon, again! 😀

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