Mahanubavudu Movie Review


What’s Good: Entertainment, Songs, and BGM, Sharwanand performance.

What’s Bad: Repetitive use of OCD gets irritating after a point, routine story, Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi hangover.

Popcorn Break: Despite a routine story there is enough to keep you away from popcorn, maybe you can have them in the beginning and then at the end.

Watch or Not: It is a right family entertainer of the season.

Trade Talk: The decision to release the movie for Dushera has proved to be a masterstroke. Mahanubhavudu will be another festival winner for Sharwanand.


Maruthi moved away from his vulgar image with the film Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi. He showed signs in Kotha Janta, but it was the Nani starrer that turned the fate. Mahanubhavudu is the third film after BBM, and one gets a feeling that maybe it is time to find a new formula.

Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi, Babu Bangaram and now Mahanubhavudu, they all have felt like a rework of one another. A basic formula seems to be running through all of them when we look right now, after the third film. It is a disadvantage to Mahanubhavudu has it becomes a formulaic affair on the whole. Now add to that, the internal repetitiveness of OCD, there is an overwhelming feeling of too much to take in.

But, the good thing about Maruthi is that he is improving in his music taste and also is still able to maintain the comedy at high levels. The OCD brings freshness here, and that covers for the sameness that one feels. The scenes in the office and home could have been cut short. The real story begins with the arrival of Nasser character to meet the hero, and from then onwards, Mhanubhavudu is an engaging ride until the pre-climax. The climax is utterly routine and predictable which is held together by Thaman’s thumping BGM. Overall, Mahanubhavudu is a perfect family entertainer for the Dussera season.

The Last Word: Watch it for Sharwanand and fresh comic moments peppered throughout.
Rating: 2.75/5

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