Love You Bangaram Movie Review



Aakash (Rahul) and Meenakshi (Shravya) get married against their parents wish and move to Hyderabad where Rahul works for a mobile company. Days passed happily for the new couple until Meena joins a job and then Things take a turn. Rahul becomes insecure about Meena trying to find out with whom and what Meena is doing in his abscence. What Meena is trying to hide and what exactly is happening forms the rest of the Movie.


Actually it is a better idea to avoid this part because the film does not have a single notable performance by any artist to Mention about. Lead Pair, Comedians, Character Artists and even the Villain…every single artist is a miscast for their role.

Rahul who is well known as Tyson from Happy Days got a role to show various emotions and he completely failed to pull it off with ease. His Dilogue delivery is not suitable for lengthy dialogues and especially during emotional scenes. Director should have gone for dubbing option for him for better results. Shravya is just average for her looks, Except for skin show here and there, there’s nothing much to talk about her performance.

There are several characters moving on the screen but no one is worth mentioning. They are present only to utter some Double Meaning (?) dialogues in the name of comedy. The Villain who comes in the climax as a twist tried to make his presence felt but, by that time no one cares about what’s going on the screen.



Nope…Not a Single one


Yes…Every single detail in its total run time of 143 mins


‘Love You Bangaram’ is Combinely Produced by Creative Commercials and Maruthi Talkies. As it has Maruthi’s name, Audience will definitely expect some content since he delivered some Successfull films recently. They also get prepared for some sleazy Dilogues which are trade mark for Maruthi’s Films. But, Here Adult Content went overboard pushing the main concept into the back seat. There were some dilogues even audience wonder how they got passed during censor.

Story Screenplay Dialogues Direction – All these departments (as well as Audience) were handled by Debutante Govi (Govardhan Reddy). He started the film saying about Insecurity feeling among Humans and Relationships, But what he showed for the next 140 Mins is Infidelity, Sexual affairs in Software offices(Which is ridiculous by the way), Cracking Jokes about Condoms, and yes The final Half an hour becomes even more horrible to bear with a Twist revealing a new character, A Stalker whose only motive is to enjoy every women he wants.

Cinematography is okay, Production values are cheap. Music is not up-to the mark, we cannot recollect not even one song after watching the film.

Bottom-Line: All that glitters is not Gold…Stay Away At Any Cost from this Gold (Bangaaram)
Rating: 0.5/5.0

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