Katamarayudu Movie Review


What’s good: Pawan Kalyan, first half.

What’s bad: The second half and overall routine plot.

Popcorn break: Anytime in the second half.

Watch or not: Fans would watch anyway, but others can give it is a miss.

Trade Talk: The openings are purely in one name, Pawan Kalyan. However, the film is likely to struggle, post the weekend despite a good release period


Katamarayudu is the kind of story and film that was a norm, but a decade or more back. There was a time for such movies, but it has long gone past sell by date. To do such a film at a time when the industry is trying to move forward regarding new stories and doing exciting things was suicidal to begin. The fact that it was intentional, that is, it is a remake, makes one wonder what was the star thinking.

Still, a film like these can work, albeit partially, depending on the star presentation and right elevation scenes. The star showcase is alright as Pawan Kalyan breezes through the proceedings with his charm and style, but the elevation part is lacking as surprisingly the remake cuts the best moments of that type from the original.

The first half despite the musings is passable, but the second half is unbearable. Things reach an insufferable level by the time of pre-climax itself. The songs are terrible on screen in the second half adding to the pain. Overall, fans can make some excuses to watch it, but for a regular audience, it is an easily avoidable fare.

The last word: Even a star needs some content to pull the audience. Here mere presence is not enough, and it will never be.

Rating: 2.25/5

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