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Byrreddy (Rao Ramesh) and Harishchandra Prasad (Karthik) are always at logger heads and the one thing that protects Harishchandra Prasad from all the threats is his son Arjun (Kalyan Ram). They have a great bond with the son acting like a shield to the father all the time. A distraught Byrreddy seeks the help of Bhavani (Sampath Raj) who has an agenda of his own.

Amidst all this Arjun falls for Anjali (Kriti Kharbanda) but circumstances force him to marry Rhea (Nikeasha Patel). Who would Arjun choose as his life partner and how it all ends is the basic plot of the film.

Kalyan Ram comes after a gap of three years but he still hasn’t improved on his acting. It’s this acting and trying very hard to act that is visible on screen that is the biggest failing of the film. To add to the woes the snail paced film only enhances this effect.

Kathik is the best thing about the film without any doubt. He seems to be enjoying the process right from scene one and is fine till the end. Although he overacts in parts it’s alright as without that act things could have been much duller on screen.

Rao Ramesh once again brings a fresh approach to a routine and predictable character. He is loud mostly but is fun to watch nonetheless if one is tuned in.

Heroines Kriti Kharbanda and Nikesha Patel, gets parts that take the narrative forward in a major way. They are apt for their roles too and do well in the limited time they have.

Sampath Raj gets a good role but his act is predictable. Rest of the characters too do their parts in a clinical manner be is Suresh, Ahuti Prasad or Sithara.

Fresh presentation


Kalyan Ram


Director Sunil Reddy and the team seems to have really taken the being ‘different’ thing a little too seriously. Well that isn’t a bad thing but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. They have taken a predictable theme and given it a completely new screenplay with twists at just the right point. But the way it’s executed even those twits render useless. The fail in execution is both at acting and at a direction level.

Although aimed to be felt as intense the movement of the film seems lazy from the very first frame. This snail paced movement multiplies the hard working nature of a non-acting lead. He tries really, really hard to act and be intense and this intensity in slow motion only adds pain to the viewers.

Om 3D is clearly a film inspired by the Hollywood flick Wanted. And what this film needed was exactly the pace the ‘inspiration’ had. At such a pace the twists would have worked well and it would have taken people’s focus off of the non-acting lead.

The film contains very few songs with none hampering the narrative. They move the story forward and don’t obstruct the flow. Background score is alright too.

Cinematography is very good. Editing could have been much sharper. Production values are grand.

Certain 3D effects have worked well, especially for the front benchers. But most of it felt rather unnecessary.

Bottom-line: Watch it if one can manage the slow pace
Rating: 2.75/5


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