Jr NTRs Rabhasa Movie Review



It’s the same old story of a hero bringing together the two divided families while also doing all he can to keep the word given to his mother.

Jr NTR is in fine form in Rabhasa. He is obviously at home in the big action and dialogues terrain. With the comic side too coming to his advantage he moves most of the proceedings single-handedly. If there is one blemish it is the dancing as it would have been noted by all at this point.

Between Samantha and Pranitha, the former is the lucky one as she gets a decent role and good amount of screen presence throughout. Pranitha looks good initially but is soon cut short before one starts expecting from her.

Brahmanandam is definitely on a roll in few hilarious sequences in the second half of the film and once again becomes the life saver. The rest of the cast comprise of numerous character artists who have been doing those parts in every other movie evoking the same response all the time. All they need is good content to engage the viewers with their performance, sadly that hasn’t been the case for most part in this film.

Second half

Bouncy fights
Poor CGI
Routine formulaic film

Director Santosh Srinivas has taken a very routine and predictable plot. As is with plots of these kinds, they have to have engaging screenplay for it to work. And since most of ‘big’ commercial films mistake lots of comedy for engaging screenplay, the comedy had to work for the film to work. This is where the film falls, especially in the first half. There is enough comedy here but it fails to click as formula dominates the proceedings. The actor’s, despite their best efforts, aren’t able to rise over the sheer predictability on display.

It is the same thing in the second half as well but unlike the first half second half is filled with character artists who could make even junk work on their best and they are currently in their best form. The result is they make most of the sequences work even though we get a feeling of dejavu. The hilarious ‘coma’ sequence or Brahmanandam trying to incite his captors for example, are sequences where the comedian brings the entire house down even if it’s utterly predictable.

The climax however isn’t fully effective due to this dilution of emotions through comedy. The important moments in story progression merely comes across as small commas in a long sentence. This is the reason why when the hero in the pre climax turns emotional and says dialogues about the kind of tension has felt, we never connect with him as there has been no moment prior to it that showcases the hero ever feeling that way. He seems to be enjoying everything and then bam, the big emotional sequence out of nowhere. This inconsistent screenplay and poor dialogues by the director let the film down considerably.


Music by Thaman, as we have mentioned in our review has been a disappointment. It’s the same with background score as well. Choreography of couple of numbers, Rakasi and Hawa Hawa are refreshing for a change for Jr NTR from a neutral perspective but if seen from a fan’s view they are disappointing. Action sequences are some of the worst in big movies we have seen off late.

Bottom-line: NTRs One Man Show!
Rating: 2.75/5

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