Jaya Janaki Nayaka Movie Review


What’s Good: Few action scenes in director Boyapati Sreenu’s trademark style.

What’s Bad: The basic story, the violence going beyond the limits, most of the first half.

Popcorn Break: Anytime when there is a song, anytime the family sentiment or drama starts.

Watch or Not: If fights with needless gore and violence are your cup of tea, watch it, otherwise avoid it.

Trade Talk: The film was supposed to be a biggie that eats up the competition. Unfortunately, it has got a raw deal, and others eat its collections. We have to see if it picks up in the further run.

Analysis: Boyapati Sreenu has developed a reputation for giving strong mass entertainers that are high on fights, hero elevation, and emotions. There is always an uneven balance in the mix, but the director still makes sure to use the lead stars strength and present him a way that connects best with the masses.

In Jaya Janaki Nayaka, the director loses the star appeal and the strength a star brings to his movies. The result is a soulless enterprise with no fun. To make up for the lead weakness, he has designed the character to be a dull guy and surrounds him with numerous actors. It further effects as the narrative as it results in an uneven mix of emotions.

The first half is passable. The director’s trademark bits arrive in the second half which makes things little bit engaging. The degree of enjoyment of the movie depends on one’s taste for violence on screen. If too much of such visuals are fine, there is enough to be entertained. Overall, besides the basic action stuff, Jaya Janaki Naayaka offers nothing.

The Last Word: if a heavy dose of tasteless violence is your appetite go and watch it, otherwise forget a movie like this ever existed.

Rating: 2/5

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