Jai Lava Kusa Movie Review


What’s Good: Jr NTR’s triple action, basic storyline.

What’s Bad: Hackneyed screenplay with an outdated ending.

Popcorn Break: Eat as much as you can whenever heroine appears, or whenever Lava and Kusa are in conversation.

Watch or Not: For the unique effort of three roles by a leading star like Jr NTR, watch it.

Trade Talk: The openings are sensational showing the immense star power of Jr NTR and the extensive promotional activities done by the Jai Lava Kusa team.


Director Bobby works with Kona Venkat once again after the successful debut Power. There are some faint similarities that one can find between the two, making one believe in the director’s hand in the project. Apart from that, there is no other similar aspect, and it is not a positive thing to say in the context of Jai Lava Kusa.

The film has a simple story, but the screenplay makes it an exhaustive watch by the end. The direction also doesn’t help the cause. It is only the performance of Jr NTR that holds things together. But when a film gives a tiring feeling like Jai Lava Kusa, it makes it very hard to watch multiple times.

The three characters have enough variation, but one gets a feeling that they are not appropriately explored in the narrative. The traveling on the predictable path is also one of the main reasons for the lack of excitement. Add to it the needless sentimental moments, a feeling of breathlessness sets in with the progression of the movie. In the end, Jai Lava Kusa is onetime for the lead actor alone.

The Last Word: A three-man show from one man, Jr NTR

Rating: 3/5

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