'Hrudayam Ekkadunnadi' Movie Review – Lets Not Talk About This In Eternity



Hrudayam Ekkadunnadi – title sounds good?

There, you have said the best thing that could be said about the film.

Really, what is the film about?

Hero and heroine love each other but to marry hero must impress everyone in the family of heroine.

Haven’t we seen this before?

Yes you might have but this time the hero is an architect. He is assigned the task of completing a building with in a record time to win over the father.

So that is all the film all about, why the title then?

Well there is small twist here. There is a second heroine besides the construction site, whom hero starts to fall in love with as things with main heroine starts to get itchy due to her behavior.

Doesn’t that sounds interesting and you said title was the only good thing?

Wish you could see the film.

Where is the problem then?

It’s not the story per se but the screenplay and execution of the film that is absolute disaster. The silliness with which the entire film is put up would make a kindergarten kid seem genius in comparison.

Care to give us an example?

The way hero is given a class on how to improve his relation with his workers by the second heroine’s father and the scenes that follow with the hero trying to act friendly and all with his workers. The way the whole thing is executed would make an amateur short filmmaker so proud that he could die of a heart attack. Now imagine a film filled with narrative consistency of that kind.

How about the hero performance?

A rock can be used for different purposes, a frying pan can feel differently at different heating points, broken clock can show the correct time twice but one can’t find a second expression in the face of Krishna Madhav. Even the one present isn’t really an expression, it’s a face that is in a state of confusion whether to put an expression or not.

What about heroines?

Heroines Anusha and Sanskriti try their best to make the hero’s act look better than them but unfortunately they fail on that count. Together they achieve a collective acting score of zero which is still higher than what can be awarded to the hero.

Any positives at all?

Music by the debutant Vishal Chandrasekhar has a good vibe to it and so does the background music at few crucial moments.

Any highlight?

Nothing comes to the mind except for the picturization of the song Edo Edo Chilipi Kala. If songs on screen could kill, this would be among the firsts.

Bottom-line : lets not talk about this film in eternity

Rating : 0.5/5


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