Heart Attack Movie Review – Emotional Lovestory!



Hayathi (Adah Sharma) Comes to Spain to stay at her Friend’s Place. Hayathi’s Friend Priya loves a Black guy,Haridas and seeks Hayati’s help to convince her father ISKON Ramana (Brahmanandam) for their marriage.

Varun (Nitin) is a Hippie roaming around with No responsibilities and is reluctant towards Love and Marriage Relations.Varun Falls for Hayathi at the very first sight and all he wants from her is a 1 Hour Long Deep Lip Kiss. In The process of wooing Hayathi, Varun Helps Priya by convincing her Father,Iskon Ramana for her marriage with Haridas.

Meanwhile Hayathi Loves Varun and inspite of understanding Varun’s Attitude towards relations, Hayati agrees to Kiss Varun but, on one condition before they parted their ways.
What is the Condition that lead to part their ways ? What happened to Hayati,Varun? concludes rest of the story.

Apart from the title, The real Heart Attack (Surprise) audience will feel is about Nithiin. This Youth Star who is on High with his previous consecutive successes looks super confident on screen and he just delivered his career best performance in ‘Heart Attack’. He is a major plus for this film with his Energetic Performance, Looks, with his improvised Dialogue Delivery. Though there isn’t much scope for Dance in songs, He showed his well known dancing abilities here and there.

Adah Sharma introduced as heroine. Though there were some complaints about her looks, but she emoted very well especially during Bridge scene in 1st half and Pre-Interval scene. She did good for a first timer.

Brahmanandam brings some laughs especially in Titatic Scene, Vikramjeet,Eijaz Khan are good as baddies. Even for a minute role, Praaash Raj made his presence felt with his unique histrionics.

First Half
Nithiin’s Performance
Emotional Chemistry between Lead Pair
Puri Mark Dialogues

2nd Half lacks Emotional Quotient
uninteresting story and screenplay

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Producer-Director…all these departments were handled by Puri Jagannadh himself. Puri always tries to explain philosophy through his characters and dialogues. Heart Attack is no exception for that. Going through Posters,Promos,Selavanuko song one can expect that this time puri is going to deliver a highly emotional romantic tale. 1st Half of the film satisfied these expectations of audience and ends on a positive note for Interval. By watching this first half one can expect an Intense love story in second half.


But, Second Half started with another heroine and here in Goa a villain enters to marry heroine. All these routine proceedings turns this Desired ‘Emotional Love Story’ into a formal ‘Hero saves Heroine from Villain’ Template. Screenplay loses its pace as we can expect the further proceedings of story. This has made 2nd Half feel flat.

Cinematography by Amol Rathod is extraordinary and helped film visually. Music by Anup is good for a couple of songs and BGM is adequate. So,Finally A fresh,Good First Half made this ‘Heart Attack’ Enjoyable.But, Puri regular template story in second half becomes a speed breaker.

Bottom-Line : Intense..Enjoyable..Passable

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