Gruham Movie Review


What’s Good: Casting, setting, the horror, interval block.

What’s Bad: Loses momentum in the second half.

Popcorn Break: During the second half whenever the ghost scares are about to come, and the movie becomes slow.

Watch or Not: Watch it.

Trade Talk: The movie has got a small release, but word of mouth is likely to ensure a good run ahead on a low level


To put it in simple terms, Gruham is a horror movie without the comedy, and that is why it works. Remember the film PSV Garuda Vega that released recently, Gruham is a different genre but the approach is similar, and the faults too are identical. The movie is a Xerox in approach in making a film of its genre.

Following the formulas is one thing and getting it right is another. Milind Rau gets it right on both the counts. The film is slick, and with the proper editing and background score, it delivers the scares. The first half is better compared to the second where the scares feel repetitive. The core issue is well thought out, and it is why Gruham works despite a weak second half.

The Last Word: Watch it for the unadulterated horror experience.

Rating: 3/5

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