Gowtham Nanda Movie Review


What’s Good: Grand production values, Gopichand’s sincere efforts.

What’s Bad: Routine presentation of the good subject, eighties kind of movie feeling.

Popcorn Break: Every ten minutes you can have a popcorn break, eat and drink and have a glimpse of the screen in the middle you wouldn’t miss anything.

Watch or Not: The outdated screenplay choices reminds us of similar movies from decades ago, watch them as they are far more entertaining

Trade Talk: Thanks to Sampath Nandi skill of making a movie for the big screen and also a long gap in a fresh release of Gopichand starrer, the openings are unexpectedly good, there won’t be much happening though.


Goutham Nanda is Sampath Nandi’s third out and out commercial venture after Racha and Bengal Tiger. There is a pattern in all these three films in the screenplay choices that the director is making. They have a middle-class sensibility, but they seem to be straight out of the eighties and nineties.

It was okay when he did it for the first time in Racha, but here everything looks dated regarding what is happening on screen. What is being shown is a different matter, as the director certainly has a panache for vibrant visuals.

The first half is nothing. So much time is wasted in establishing the characters. The second half offers some twists, but they get predictable very soon. The ending is needlessly dragged and the lengthier it gets, the more challenging it becomes to sit through. Goutham Nanda, in the end, is a painful watch.

The Last Word: Easily avoidable on the big screen, do catch it on the small screen at your leisure, it might feel different when you have the option of fast-forwarding.

Rating: 2/5

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