Gopi Chand's Sahasam Movie Review


Goutham (Gopichand) is an unlucky guy who dreams of becoming rich through luck. He tests his luck in various ways but the bad luck follows him every where. Thanks to it he ends up being a security guard at a dump yard.

One day he discovers an old letter written by his grandfather through which he comes to know about diamonds that he could get as inheritance. He then begins a journey to get his diamonds and what happens in the process, how does he meets Srinidhi (Tapsee) and why are the terrorists after him, is what the overall film is all about.


Gopichand is the heart and sole of the film. He gets us hooked from the first frame and manages to engage us till the end. It his usual performance but its very well orchestrated in a flow by the director.

Even heroine Tapsee who is normally seen doing over the top characters with lots of exposure is given a good character here and the actress makes it work. Again there is nothing path breaking in the performance but its fine and neatly done.

Among the rest Shakti Kapoor gets to play a negative role after ages and he seems to enjoy it every bit. He looks his part but the age is pretty visible in terms of the body movements.

Ali gets a small but good part and so does Suman and they both do justice to their roles. There are a number of bits and pieces character actors and most of them fit their parts very well with none standing as the odd man out.

Fresh story
Background score

Lack of wow factor essential for the genre
Repetitiveness in the ending portions
Slow paced narration

Director Chandrasekhar Yeleti once again comes up with a different genre film. This time however though he has put the logic behind and gone in for an entertainer that promises entertainment packaged differently. One has to keep in mind this lack of logic as part of the project and go with the flow. As it happens all the time when a director like Chandrasekhar Yeleti does something mainstream one suddenly starts complaining about the lack of logic that those directors possessed prior when they made much small films and forget what they are actually making now.

But being the kind of director that he is Chandrasekhar Yeleti manages, very easily at it, to create a character that we could connect to and root for instantaneously. We want this character to succeed, overcome odds and be a winner in the end. And yet despite getting all that right (first half) the director fails in the second half where the character goes on to achieve all that is said above and be a winner. This whole treasure hunt segment of the adventure genre fails to provide the required kick and mostly stays flat. Everything seems to be happening by the adventure genre rule book sans the excitement that is expected of it. Not only that, the story progress which was fine up to a point too gets completely stagnated once the treasure hunt begins.

In the end it’s not too bad but it isn’t the satisfying film it promised to after the end of the first half. Not for nothing is this genre a really difficult one to pull off. While the effort is commendable from the director it could have been a lot better for sure and lack of films made in this genre is not an excuse to overlook the flaws in the film at hand currently.

Music by veteran composer Sri is good and barring a song nothing sticks out like sore thumb in the narration. The background score is excellent and it helps in elevating the proceedings at a number of times.

Cinematography by Shaamdat is fantastic. It lends the film a feel and gives it a very glossy international look. All the scenes in Ladakh have been captured very well.

Art direction and visual effects during the treasure hunt are fantastic. However the same cannot be said of the visual effects during the action sequences. Production values are rich which makes the film look like a real biggie.

Bottom-line: Watch It Anyway
Rating: 3/5

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