Gopichand's Loukyam Movie Review




Same old story of hero getting in trouble with villain and using all tricks via comedian and fooling him to get his love in the end.


Gopichand is doing a film here where the show is run by comedians. He tries his best to be in the thick of things but except for the scenes which require him to be in action mode, there is nothing much done from him in terms of acting. Rakul Preet is getting repetitive with her over the top but fiery girl act who ultimately turns coy after falling in love with hero. Still as she in her early stages as an actress she brings freshness to the screen.

Comedians Brahmanandam, Prudhvi and character artist Chandra Mohan are used majorly in the film and at important points. They deliver what is expected of them in a very predictable manner.

Similarly Sampath, Mukesh Rishi, Rahul Dev etc do their negative act. Sampath gets the negative act with a bit of buffoonery attached to it and he is fine in it.





Predictable plot
First half


As we have mentioned the story-line is routine and everything depends on comedy. The writers make sure that the entertainment is present throughout with little twists, even though predictable, coming at regular intervals. Now simply taking the entertainment aspect, the first half of the film is flat with not that much happening entertainment wise and the sheer predictability of the plot. There is a hint of freshness to get things rolling but that is soon lost.

The second is where the real meat lies cinematic-ally speaking. All the comedy and story aspect of the film is crammed into this half. Even this half is predictable but the writers making fun of the predictable situation that even the audience get, is the little tweaking that makes the proceedings engaging. This trend is followed at regular intervals till the climax and helps keep the audience interested.

Overall Loukyam isn’t a must watch at any cost kind of movie or a must watch as soon as possible kind of film. It is a film that one could watch if they have nothing else to do.

Music and background score by Anup Rubens are fine. Cinematography is first rate and the editing is decent. Dialogues too are pretty decent with few sequences and the dialogues in it being absolutely hilarious. Too much of effort for rhyming dialogues is getting irritating.

Bottom-line: Routine Entertainer!
Rating: 3/5

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