Dil Deewana Movie Review – Worthy Companion To Enthandanga Unnave!



Dil Deewana – interesting title, is this Telugu film?
Well it stars Nagababu, so, yes it is for sure.

What is the film about?
It’s a love story, sorry it must be love stories.

WOW, love stories, so it must be interesting?
Yep, as interesting as watching a badly made thriller movie with only one twist, known beforehand and for the third time consecutively.

Who are the actors in it? How is their performance?
The lead actors are newcomers who we suppose have been selected after going through all the compatibility tests possible. This is the best on screen pairing we have seen in a while in Telugu cinema. Kudos, bravo words can’t do enough justice to whoever has done the lead pair casting.

1.Actor who has the same expression when he comes to know that his biggest dream in life is going to be fulfilled soon and when he loses his girlfriend, when he thrown out from a out and when his girlfriend comes back to him. If ever there was a Mr. Consistent performer, this guy is the winner, hands down. The bike he drives elicits an emotion in viewers that the actor can only dream off.

2. An actress who matches Mr. Consistent at every step.

3. An actress who is waiting to show her thespian acting skill at any given moment. You get a sense even in a scene that requires her to be just calm that she is about to explode any time to show her talent. Her real talent then is to make a comedy of any emotion that she is given with her serious action.

4. A male actor who competes with the female thespian mentioned above, only he is the cleverer one out of the two. He finishes his thespian act quickly and leaves everything on actress to carry forward.

Cut some slack dude, they are newcomers, what about senior or other noticeable cast?

Of course, we do have some noticeable faces here. We have two comedians Dhanraj and Venu and as we have mentioned at the very beginning Nagababu.

Wow, so the film must have some entertainment, comedy, right?

Well if you consider Dhanraj playing a spoilt brat playboy as fun, then, yes we have plenty of fun. It gets even funnier seeing Nagababu playing the rich adoring dad to rich spoilt brat Dhanraj.

Okay, stop there, you had it at Dhanraj as rich spoilt brat?
If reading alone makes you squirm, can you imagine how it might have felt watching it? But lets not digress talking about acting prowess of Mr. Nagababu.

How is the direction?
Direction by the debutant is amateurish even by the debutant movie standards. There is nothing complicated being executed here but even the simplest of things have been executed poorly. Of course we do feel pity at the choice of actors, he had.

Any worthwhile mentions?
The sequence where Mr. Consistent acts as a drunkard and enjoys with three women at the same time, is a must watch acting gem. This performance must be showcased academically from now on in every acting institute the world over in the “How to kill someone with unintentional hilarious serious acting” chapter of “Beginner in learning of method acting” course.


Short duration
Comedian Venu

Everything except the positives minus music

Bottom-line: Worthy companion to Enthandanga Unnave!
Rating – N/A

PS: We have no association with the film, it’s just that we can’t rate it positively.

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